Siete cosas que desearía poder decirle a mi yo más joven


this list.

6. Take notes of everything

It’s amazing how much we forget. I learned this in my 30s and since that time, I’ve done my best to capture everything in journals. Ideas, stories, quotes, and anything I think could be valuable gets written down. I might never need it, but as least I’ve got it. As Earl Shoaff used to tell his protégé Jim Rohn, “Don’t trust your memory.” Iagree wholeheartedly.

7. Be careful who you trust

Amazingly, research shows that, in 2018, 92% of financial professionals failed to beat the market. People often confuse sincerity with competence. The truth is good people make mistakes all the time. I’ve learned the hard way that some financial advisors are nothing more than sales people in disguise. The only test of competence is results. My advice – learn to invest in people, not companies. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Warren Buffet might not have an immaculate track record, but their success speaks for itself.

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