¿Por qué mi cama hace esto?


My bed is giving me hip pain and sciatica. Why? What other bed might be better? Details within.

About a year ago I got a new bed. It’s very firm but unavoidably has a “luxury” topper with regular and memory foam built in. I got the new bed to solve a lot of back problems I’d been having from a nightmare memory foam mattress – I couldn’t walk very far without terrible back and leg pain, I could feel my spine sort oftwistingas I sank unevenly into the foam, etc.

I’m a lot better now, actually, and can walk a couple of miles at a stretch with only a little pain. But in the past couple of months I’ve started getting terrible shooting pains down the sides of my legs, seemingly starting in my hips, when I first get out of bed and straighten up. Most days, I can walk it off, but not always. I believe it to be the bed because I’ll go to work, sit up all day, feel pretty decent on the way home and then if I lie down in bed for twenty minutes, I’ll have the same symptoms that I’d walked off earlier.

What is even happening? What kind of bed do I need? I obviously need a firm bed, but not this bed. (I hate memory foam. Do not recommend memory foam anything; I sink into it and cannot move without terrible pain.)

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