Más profundo – “El cuchillo”


Back in January, the Chicago post-punk band Deeper announced their sophomore outing,Auto-Pain. Along the way, we’ve heard a couple songs from the album, including “Run” last year and “This Heat” and “Lake Song” in the past couple months. And now, the group is back with one more ahead ofAuto-Pain’s release this Friday.

The latest preview of the album comes in the form of late-album highlight “The Knife.” Here’s what the band had to say about it:

Sometimes we’re unaware of our potential and the gravity of the choices we make in life. We retreat into comfortable situations that perpetuate this cycle and hold us back. “The Knife” is about how maybe subconsciously we don’t want to change and how it feels good to remain in the arms of old habits and familiarity. The coda at the end of the song is the breakthrough moment from this thinking; a realization that we can grow once we understand that taking a leap and being uncomfortable will ultimately lead to greater self-satisfaction.

“The Knife,” in some ways, continues the balance Deeper have sketched out across theirAuto-Painsingles, that balance between a kind of sweet-sick guitar/synth gleam and the more cathartic moments that rupture that surface. Arriving as it does late in the album, its dramatic shift for the coda feels like a final answer to much of the rest ofAuto-Pain. The song comes with a video directed and produced by coool. It features the band members as mechanics who, fittingly enough given the nature and themes of “The Knife” andAuto-Painas a whole, are becoming fed up with drifting through life victim to the same numbing routines. Check it out below.

Auto-Painis out 3/27 on Fire Talk Records. Pre-order ithere, and revisit our interview with the bandhere.

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