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Sometimes you need to find the perfect gift ideas for your co-workers and friends at the office. So I rounded up the best office coworkers gift ideas that they will love to receive. You might even love it so much you will pick up one for yourself!

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When you spend long days at the office all week you can really get to know your coworkers. You might be assigned secret Santa gifts, or you may just want to pick up your favorite coworkers a little gift this holiday season.

We rounded up the best gift ideas for office coworkers that are practical and useful that they are going to love getting from you! You may even see some items that you will want to use in your own workspace!

Check out our favorite coworker gift ideas below:

  1. Wallet Multi-tool: This handy tool slips easily into your wallet, purse or desk drawer and allows you to have the right tool on hand when you need it.
  2. Beaker Coffee Mug: Keep hydrated with your favorite cold or hot beverage right at your fingertips while you are working and while you are traveling to and from your work space!
  3. Keyboard Protector: Protect your keyboard from accidental drink spills or your mid-afternoon snack crumbs with this easy to remove and clean keyboard protector. Comes in several different fun colors too!
  4. Thinking Putty: This thinking putty is a fun way to use your hands when you are trying to solve a difficult pattern or need to take a little stress relief break.
  5. Desk Organizer: Keep your frequently used items close by for easy access with this handy desk organizer.
  6. Lumbar Support Back Pillow for Office Chair: After long hours sitting at your desk working over a computer your back muscles can get tired. This supportive back pillow can help.
  7. Memory Foam Seat Cushion: Give a little extra support to your muscles with this memory foam seat cushion. Great for easing muscle aches and pains from sitting too long and for relieving sciatica pain.
  8. Mini Crockpot: Bring the delicious taste of a home cooked meal to the office and eat it while its hot. A great way to save money while eating delicious food or leftovers.
  9. Cactus Humidifier: An office can be full of dry, stuffy air. A desk humidifier can help and make the area around you smell amazing.
  10. Mini Desk and Keyboard Vacuum: Clean up your messy desk area with this handy mini vacuum. Great for you keyboard and desk drawers.
  11. Multi-angle Phone Stand: Keep your phone handy for a quick glance and access while you work.
  12. Cable Clip: Keep your cords out of the way allowing you to work more efficiently. Prevents cords from dropping and making you bend over or reach for them if they have fallen behind the desk area.
  13. Under Desk Foot Hammock: Relax your feet in an upward position to relieve some of the pressure and swelling that can happen when you are in the same position for too long.
  14. Monitor Riser: Raise your monitor up to a better eye level to help reduce eye strain and to allow your neck to be in a proper position to prevent neck and shoulder pain. It also allows a little extra handy storage space underneath.
  15. Time Marked Gallon Water Jug: Get your fill of water and stay hydrated and helps you to pass the time while you are at work!
  16. Mini Desk Fan: Cool off when the office is a little extra warm or you need some fresh air on your face and in your space.
  17. Infinity Cube Stress Toy: Feeling stressed about deadlines or piles of work still to do? This fun little stress cube toy can help you refocus on what needs to get done.
  18. Insulated Travel Mug: Keep your favorite drinks and beverages the perfect temperature as you spend the day at work or travel to and from where you need to be.
  19. Compact Folding Desk Mirror: This mirror is perfect for a quick check before heading into an important meeting or to touch up your makeup before heading out to a team lunch.
  20. Cat Pen Set: Who wouldn’t love a set of these adorable cat pens?


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