Hamstring Stretching Exercises (RANKED WORST TO FIRST)

actualizado: 07-2021

Time to Review Popular Hamstring Stretching Exercises Ranked from Worst to First. Hamstring stretches are probably the most popular stretching exercises around. I rank 8 hamstring stretching exercises from worst to good to best. Hamstring stretching exercises range from a standing hamstring stretch to a supine hamstring stretch.
I will explain the rationale behind my ranking and why you should choose one hamstring stretching exercise over another.

You might find a standing hamstring stretch, a supine 90 90 hamstring stretch, elephant walks, a dynamic hamstring stretch, and hamstring stretch with a strap, and even a seated hamstring stretch. Hamstring stretches can be effective for back pain and sciatica but only if they are done correctly.

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4 thoughts on “Hamstring Stretching Exercises (RANKED WORST TO FIRST)”

  1. Would I be right assuming the elephant walk would be good before doing squats or dead lifts since I'd be in a standing position for those exercises or doesn't the following exercise matter and #1 would be best? This is great information, now I know what I've been doing wrong (straight knees).

  2. I've ALWAYS had severe siatic nerve pain when doing traditional hamstring stretches… of course, I didnt know thats what it was.
    Since switching to other stretches my hamstrings feel much better and are much more flexible, even in those old traditional stretches.

  3. Hello, I am really enjoying your videos, thank you!
    Do you have advice concerning TMD-Pain? My jaw is pulled back on the right side, giving me clicking and other symptoms. I just can’t seem to get the muscles around the jaw and ear to relax (especially the one that is right in between the jaw and ear).
    I would love to hear your advice on that!
    Keep it up and thanks again!

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