Estos sujetadores están diseñados para soportar el peso de las copas grandes desde abajo en lugar de a través de las correas, y hace una gran diferencia en la comodidad


Finding a good bra isn’t always easy: You want it to look nice, of course, but you also need it to fit properly and be supportive. For bigger-busted women, it often feels like the odds are stacked against us.

Most bras are designed off a size 34B and then sized up — butsized updoesn’t always meanscaled up, which leads to a bras that don’t take into account the very specific needs of women with larger cup sizes.

More times than I can count, I’ve been sitting at my desk at work, trying to ignore how uncomfortable my bra feels, and then adjusting it in the office bathroom. I’d long-wished that I had one that fit better all around, one that I knew I was wearing but also felt barely there.

And thenTrusstcame into the picture.


What makes Trusst bras different

Founded in 2014 by Sophia Berman,Trusst‘s mission is to provide fuller-busted women with bras that actually support them. Berman started out as an industrial designer, and after hearing her friends’ bra woes, she used her expertise and a 3D printer to create a bra that was specifically designed to support fuller breasts.

“We are focused on the science and technology aspects as much as the fit,” Berman told Business Insider. The underwire so commonly found in other bras isn’t in Trusst bras; instead they have a patented support piece under the breast — and you can definitely feel a difference.

The shape of the bra’s internal structure is based on a truss, which is a three-dimensional support mechanism used mainly in construction. Each of the cups have support structures that jut out slightly from the base, almost like shelves for your chest (don’t worry, they’re surrounded my comfortable padding). The result is a bra where at least 80% of the breast weight is supported from underneath the cup. The idea is that it takes the weight off your shoulders by lifting the breast from the bottom, rather than the top, creating less strain in the shoulders and less back pain, two common complaints from those who have bigger breasts.

My experience with Trusst bras

Trusstcurrently has three bra offerings: theNaomi, theMarjory, and theEvie. The price points range from $59 to $69, which feels solidly mid-range for a supportive, well-made bra. They come in multiple colors (and some with matching underwear), which means you can have a bra that’s both supportive and cute.

I got the opportunity to test all three of them, and you can find my thoughts on each, along with their differences, below.


The Marjory T-shirt bra, $59

When I first put on the Marjory, it felt incredible; I could barely feel it at all. Finally, here was a bra that I wasn’t itching to take off the moment I got home from work.

The Marjory is the cheapest of Trusst’s bras. It comes in one color, a light shade of nude, and has four hook-and-eye closures in the back. There are two seams in the cups that were visible in photos when I wore a thinner white T-shirt, which I wish wasn’t the case, but with everything else about it was great.

There was no digging on my shoulder, and the lack of underwire also meant that the bottom didn’t dig into my stomach when I was sitting down; instead it just sat against it comfortably.


The Naomi convertible bra, $69

My favorite of the three bras I got to try is theNaomi. It’s considered Trusst’s essential bra, the foundation of their collection. It has a double strap adjustment, so you can adjust the length of the straps on the top and closer to the band itself, which makes it much easier to adjust yourself without having to take the bra off first.

There’s soft mesh on the side to prevent side-boob spillage, and clasps on the back of the straps that allow you to style it two different ways (criss-cross or regular straight straps). It also has a soft antimicrobial lining that wicks away sweat, which I especially appreciate during the hot summer.

The Naomi comes in three “nude” colors to account for a range of skin tones.


The Evie front-closure bra, $64

The brand is always seeking out customer feedback and using it to drive what’s next. According to Berman, that’s exactly what led to the launch of Evie, Trusst’s brand new front-closure bra.Evieretails for $64 and has a mesh, triangle-shaped back that worked perfectly for me with a racer-back top. The front closure can be a little tricky to secure at times, but once it’s on, it’s perfectly secure and I barely feel it. It comes in the same light nude color and a very cute pale pink.

Bottom line

One of my favorite things about the brand is that its marketing is full of women who look like me. As a bigger woman who often doesn’t see herself represented in clothing marketing, Trusst feels like a revelation. There are women with stretch marks and stomach rolls. It feels almost revolutionary to see myself in these women; this was explicitly created for people like me.

Beyond the marketing imagery, the truth about my Trusst bras is that I really like them. They’re comfortable, they’re cute, and they don’t leave me in pain at the end of the day. I definitely feel supported by them, and I think the price-point is reasonable. Sure, I can get a bra elsewhere for cheaper, but those haven’t supported me like the Trusst bras do.

And I can say this honestly: Since I got my Trusst bras, I haven’t worn any of my older bras even a single time. They’re sitting at the bottom of my drawer unworn because Trusst bras are simply that much more comfortable.

Shop the Naomi, Marjory, and Evie bras from $59-$69 at Trusst

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