Esta aplicación lo motivará a levantarse de su trasero y moverse, además está a la venta


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TL;DR:If you need some motivation to get moving, get a lifetime subscription to theMoovBuddy Exercise Appfor $49.99, a 93% savings as of May 20.

Our lives are becoming increasingly sedentary. Whether you’re spending your days binge-watching Netflic, working long hours, or laying out in the sun, your bum is firmly planted in a chair and your body is paying for it. Not only can this lifestyle cause major neck, back, and posture issues, but it’s also pretty dangerous. There’s lots ofresearch that shows a linkbetween long periods of sitting and things like heart disease and cancer. You need to keep moving your body – even when it feels like a burden. 

If you’re in a rut and need some motivation to get moving, check out theMoovBuddy Exercise App. Designed to help you stay active and relieve pain through movement, MoovBuddy makes working out at home more fun and more proactive than your typical exercise program. Their collection of 60 workout programs and nearly 300 exercises, broken down by targeted body parts of situations (like long office hours or car rides, post-natal, and more), was created by doctors and physical therapists based specifically on medical literature. 

So you don’t hurt yourself after a long day of lounging,MoovBuddyalso offers audio instructions and tips to do each exercise properly and effectively. And throughout the day, you’ll get reminders and recommendations to keep you motivated. You can track your activity history and functionality, and even take note of your pain status. That way, the app can give you evidence-based recommendations to help you get ahead of potential health issues.

Check it out: 

Whether you want to improve your balance, strength, posture, or pain, MoovBuddy’s got your back. This versatility is exactly why it earned the #3 Product of the Day spot on Product Hunt and earned 4.7 out of 5 stars from users on both the App Store and Google Play Store.

A lifetime subscription would normally cost you $719.40, but you cansign up for just $49.99and start moving your body right away.

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