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Me and my Jiu-Jitsu instructor, Professor Sig Kufferath

Things were going along fine, until one fateful morning. I had been up all night at work, and decided to go train, rather than get some sleep.

Fueled on two cups of coffee, I arrived at the jiu -jitsu school, changed into my uniform and met with the instructor. After stretching and warming up, he wanted to demonstrate some advanced moves with me for the class.

During one particular throw, I landed on my side. When I stood up, I felt strange. My heart was doing some kind of flip flops. I sat down, and one of the students (a doctor) examined me.

“John, I think you’re experiencing SVT. Let’s call an ambulance and get you fixed up at the hospital,” he said.

“What the heck is SVT?” I asked, nervously.

“Super ventricular tachycardia. But don’t worry, they can fix it,” he said. Typical doctor. So calm and cool.

An ambulance arrived and I was rushed to the hospital. After a special injection that corrects the sinus rhythm, I was back to normal.

sciatica down my left leg.

I worked out and was physically fit, but the sciatica got worse and worse. Physical therapy didn’t help, and an MRI revealed a bulging disc at L5-S1 on my spine.

My doctor called and said, “John, you need surgery. Otherwise, you could end up incontinent, dragging your left leg.” Not the kind of phone call you want to get.

Know your limitations

Do you know your limitations? Truly? It’s a damn good question to ask yourself, because failing to do so can lead to a lot of grief and regret.

This is a tough one to discuss, because it flies in the face of advice like “follow your dreams” and “pursue your passion.”

There’s nothing wrong with chasing a dream in your heart, even when everyone tells you you’re crazy. So long as you know there’s some serious ability to support that dream.

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