Disfrute de dulces sueños: colchones Budget Zinus a la venta por menos de $ 200


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Your budget and your back will thank you for this new mattress.
Your budget and your back will thank you for this new mattress.

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TL;DR:Buy a budget-friendlySlumber 1 by Zinus mattressfor as little as $79 on sale at Walmart. You can get an extra firm 8-inch Zinus mattress in any size for less than $200, or you can buy a12-inch firm king-size mattressfor just $203.72. 

If you made a resolution to sleep better this year, an old mattress won’t do you any favors. The best first step to live healthier is better sleep, and anew mattress-in-a-boxhelps you in an flash without the hassle of driving to a mattress store. If you want theright mattress to help with back painthat doesn’t hurt your budget, thissale on Zinus mattresses from Walmartis a dream come true. 

The Slumber 1 by Zinus extra firm mattress on sale for up to 47% offat Walmart. With size options from twin to king, you can buy any 8-inch mattress for under $200. For extra cushion, consider a12-inch Zinus king-size mattresswith an additional green tea foam comfort layer for just $203.72. 

This mattress-in-a-box is the perfect solution when you need a new bed fast. That’s especially true if you have unexpected guests coming and you want an upgrade from an air mattress. Each innerspring mattress arrives in vacuum-sealed packaging. Just open it up and it will begin to expand in minutes, but it might take a day or so before it expands to its full size. 

Once it’s ready, the Slumber 1 provides the right amount of support with the 7.5-inch iCoil pocketed springs that minimize motion transfer. On top of that is an additional inch of comfort foam to provide more pressure relief and conform to your body shape. All of that is topped off in a stylish knitted jacquard cover. Since the 8-inch is extra firm, it’s recommended for back or stomach sleepers so you can get even support for your spine and prevent back-arching. If you want extra cushioning, then just consider theSlumber 1 12-inch mattressthat also adds a bonus comfort layer made with green tea foam to reduce odors.

A mattress used to be a major purchase that took time and effort to consider. But thanks to brands like Zinus, it’s now just as convenient as shopping for new shoes. Here’s everything that’s on sale:

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